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EU Climate Diplomacy Week at the British Office Taiwan


The Future Leaders Network is seeking a talented young leader to represent the United Kingdom at the British Office Taipei, Taiwan, for the EU Climate Diplomacy week.

The British Youth Delegate will talk about the importance of young people’s efforts in tackling climate change, and share their experience of climate leadership in the UK with counterparts in Taiwan. There will be Taiwanese government officials in the audience, who will be interested to hear about how young people in the UK are conversing with government, business and civil society. Many of the young people in Taiwan, are not directly engaged with the climate agenda and the delegate will be specifically advising the Government Officials on how to improve their youth engagement.

The opportunity will be fully funded including flights, accommodation and all in-conference costs.

This is a fantastic opportunity for young leaders in climate action to take to the global stage and discuss the big issues at a high level. If you are interested in applying, the deadline is 23:59 Friday 26th July 2019.