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Mandy anukam

Mandy Anukam

Mandy is a graduate of the University of Cambridge, currently working as a Technology Analyst for a top global professional services firm. She frequently works with organisations and schools to increase the existence of underrepresented youths in elite universities. Mandy currently sits on the governing body of a Sixth Form College where she supports in setting the schools vision. She has developed a strong set of diplomatic leadership skills through working with varying organisations in both the private and public sector. Mandy is also passionate about giving back to communities; demonstrated through volunteering regularly and devoting time to mentoring young women.

Mandy is a committed and conscientious individual with an avid interest in developing solutions to social issues. She engages in a collaborative and systematic approach to producing value-added solutions and high-quality outputs under challenging environments.

Mandy has been selected as the Head Delegate of the UK Delegation to the Y20 Summit 2018.

Georgia graduated from the University of Oxford with a Bachelors degree in History and has since completed a Graduate Diploma in Law. She is currently attaining a Masters degree in International Relations from the London School of Economics. Her main focus is on Human Rights, conflict resolution and peace-building initiatives. She has written a paper on the gendered nature of the Human Rights regime with a particular focus on how the Human Rights regime fails women. Another paper analysed the alternatives to liberal peace in post-conflict peace-building.

Georgia’s interests also lie in the Middle East as she has written a piece for the London Globalist online international affairs magazine on the matter of UK weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and the Yemen Civil War. She has been invited to attend various All Party Parliamentary Groups in the UK Houses of Parliament, alongside MPs, academics, diplomats and experts discussing the Yemen crisis.

Georgia was also recently invited to NATO HQ in Brussels as part of the Atlantic Council UK delegation to discuss the recent reinvigoration of Russian tensions with the West. As a result, a further area of interest is how Cyberspace has become a domain of operations in which international affairs play out. In particular, she is interested in how cyber defence initiatives must be refocused to address the actuality of foreign interference in domestic affairs via the global forum that is the internet.


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