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Represent the UK at the 2017 Y20 Summit

The Future Leaders Network is seeking a delegation of five talented young people to represent the United Kingdom at the 2017 Y7 Summit in Berlin, Germany. 

About the Y20 Summit

The Y20 Summit is a global gathering of future leaders from the G20 nations, that seeks to generate policy recommendations through pragmatic and evidence-based negotiation. Delegates to the Summit will be expected to negotiate a communiqué that will be officially presented to the German Government and G20 Leaders. In order to increase the effectiveness of the Summit, delegates will also participate in online 'pre-negotiations' in early 2017 with the other Y20 delegates.

We are looking for five talented young people to represent the United Kingdom, consisting of one leader and four delegates focusing on specific issue areas. The leader is responsible for delegation coordination, negotiation of the final communiqué and represents the British delegation to policy-makers both at home and internationally. Each issue specialist engages in initial negotiations with their counterparts from the other 19 nations, acting as a mouthpiece for young people’s views in the United Kingdom. 

The 2017 Summit's agenda has yet to be announced. Recent summit working group issue areas include:

  • International security: terrorism and refugees;

  • Labor and economy: Aging society, and technology and labour;

  • Sustainable development: Gender equality, social entrepreneurship and educational inequality;

  • Youth unemployment;

  • Youth and education in the 21st Century;

  • Youth’s contribution to peace;

  • Poverty elimination and joint development;

  • Entrepreneurship and creative thinking;

  • Social justice and sustainability;

  • Green life and sustainability;

  • Partnership and global governance.

The 2017 Y7 Summit will take place in Berlin, Germany, in early 2017. There are no participation fees. The German Government will cover the cost of accommodation, meals and airport transfers for all official Y20 Summit delegates. Delegates are responsible for their international travel, transit costs, and travel insurance.


To be eligible to represent the UK at the 2017 Y20 Summit, you must:

  • be no more than 30 years old at the time of the Summit;

  • be a citizen of the United Kingdom and hold a valid UK passport;

  • be able to attend Summit for its entire duration and participate in the online pre-negotiation on regular basis.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills, meet people from all over the world and genuinely help to shape the thinking of the G20 process and the leadership of the participating countries.