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The 2016 Y20 Communique

This morning, Y20 Head Delegates ratified the 2016 Y20 Communique. The result of 3 months’ worth of negotiations, initially online and culminating in the week-long Y20 Summit, hosted this year in Beijing and Shanghai, the communique will now be passed to G20 Leaders ahead of their annual Summit.

Here’s a summary of the key recommendations:

  • Limited access to finance inhibits young entrepreneurs from growing their businesses, so Y20 Governments should grow and support public guarantee or collateral schemes for start-ups and scale-ups and remove barriers for start-ups and entrepreneurs to raise equity from non-accredited investors (for example, via crowdfunding);

  • The exploitation of nature and destruction of natural habitats have reached dangerous levels. Y20 Governments should encourage the preservation and restoration of land and water ecosystems and the support of developing countries in protecting regional wildlife and preventing deforestation;

  • There is a demand for shaping the future of the Y20. Therefore, G20 Governments should facilitate the introduction of the position of Y20 Sherpas to coordinate activities between annual Y20 Summits and to promote youth cooperation and Y20 decisions at all levels. G20 Governments should also facilitate access of Y20 to all youth, by encouraging institutionalized funding by G20 participating countries for Y20 delegates.

To access the full communique, please click here.

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